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Adam Cord

Adam Cord competed on the Purdue University Water Ski Team, where he also received his BS in Industrial Engineering. After graduating, he worked at O'Brien Watersports where he learned about ski design and manufacturing. He has been actively involved in tournament slalom skiing for 15 years and is capable of running into 41 off when he is not testing skis.

Cord creates the CAD and generates the computer-aided machine code used with the Denali CNC machines. Also, he is a mentor to customers by providing guidance on ski tuning, fin setup, boot position, and slalom philosophy.

Adam lives in Seattle with his wife, Ashley, and their two sons.

Tournament Bests: .5 @ -41, 36mph | 3 @ -41, 34mph

Adam Cord

Coaching Weeks
2024-2025 Season 

March 8th - 15th

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