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Will & Elaine Bush

Will - Northern California native Will Bush has spent the better part of his life completely immersed in water skiing. From tournament skiing and winning titles as he’s progressed through the age divisions of USA Water Ski to providing record pulls as a chief driver in elite events throughout the world and shaping world-record setting skis, his many contributions to the sport have been well received. Will’s always been a builder and fixer. He loves the challenge of looking at something, taking it apart, and figuring out why it works and then improving on the process. It’s his love for maximizing performance that has not only made him an invaluable team member for D3 Skis and MasterCraft Boats but an amazing coach who profoundly cares about helping his students progress.

Elaine - If there’s anyone who knows what Ski Paradise has to offer its guests, it’s Elk Grove, California’s Elaine Bush. Ever since Ski Paradise opened its doors in 1989, the longtime competitive skier and tournament driver has made a yearly trip to Acapulco to experience the water ski vacation of a lifetime, and progress her skills in the process. Besides being one of the planet’s best boat drivers, Elaine is known for bringing a positive attitude and enthusiasm to the table with every student that she coaches.

Will  & Elaine Bush

Coaching Weeks
2024-2025 Season 

November 9th - 16th

January 4th - 11th

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