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Coaching Schedule

2022 - 2023 Season

Find below the Coaching Schedule for the 2022 - 2023 season! Ski Paradise operates from late October through early May. 


You will arrive on a Saturday and ski daily  Sunday through Friday.

2 Coached Sets per day with your Guest Coach, is our Ski Paradise Brand Standard.  That said, every coach, every group, and every skier as well as their goals are all a little different and our opportunities easily adjust to accommodate this.  


Our guest coaching roster is like no other, and we have a coach for everyone.  You’ll see names that define the past, present, and future of Water Skiing.  Our coaches are passionate about the unique Ski Paradise experience and day in and day out you will come to know them not only as your coach(s), but as your friend(s). You’ll see a side of your coaches here in Paradise, that is very special.


October 29th - November 5th

Put this week on your RADAR - Radar Skis demo week

November 5th - 12th

November 12th - 19th

November 19th - 26th

Closed for Thanksgiving

November 26th - December 3rd

With special guest - Bob Marley -

December 3rd - 10th

December 10th - 17th

Closed for Holidays

December 17th - 24th

Closed for Holidays

December 24th - 31st

Closed for Holidays

January 1st - 7th

Closed for Holidays

January 7th - 14th

January 14th - 21st

January 21st - 28th

January 28th - February 4th

February 4th - 11th

February 11th - 18th

February 18th - 25th

February 25th - March 4th

March 4th - 11th

March 11th - 18th

March 18th - 25th

March 25th - April 1st

April 1st - 8th

Closed for Easter

April 8th - 15th

Closed for Easter

April 15th - 22nd

AUGUST 19th-26th
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