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Greg Badal

Talk about rapid progression, Ski Paradise guest coach Greg Badal is a perfect example of what a skier can accomplish if they have the right mindset for developing their skills. In just a few years of skiing the course, Greg quickly became one of the top skiers in his age division. He has since gone on to win multiple national championship titles, Nautique Big Dawg titles, and set national slalom records. In addition to his many water-ski accolades, Greg is an excellent coach that has a good eye for picking apart slalom technique and honing in on the main fundamentals that help his students quickly progress. He’s also a big advocate for promoting the fun and excitement of tournament skiing, having hosted the California Pro Am since 2002. With nearly 20 years experience of skiing and coaching in Acapulco, Greg is ready to help you step up your slalom game!

Greg Badal
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August 19th - 26th

November 2nd - 9th

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