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Jeff & Denise Goldman

Jeff and Denise Goldman have been waterskiing their entire lives. Both were raised in waterskiing families and learned to ski at an early age. In their 20’s they learned to ski the slalom course and joined the Berkeley Water Ski Club, where they actively participated in waterski tournaments as skiers and officials. They have been tournament skiers and officials ever since. Both have placed in the top of their divisions numerous times in local, Regional and National events. Their passion for the sport ultimately led them to relocate to Shortline Lake in Elk Grove, CA to raise their two children. They enjoy teaching and coaching everyone from beginners to tournament skiers. Denise brings a unique perspective to coaching women, who need to rely more on technique than strength. Jeff brings an enthusiastic attitude and focuses on a skier’s strengths and improving weaknesses.
Jeff and Denise were guests at Ski Paradise the first season of operation. They enjoy coming back to coach year after year. The experience is more than just waterskiing; they enjoy getting to know the guests and have developed some lasting friendships with guests over the years.

Jeff & Denise Goldman
Semanas de coaching

Temporada 2021-2022 

April 5th - 12th

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