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Paul Chapin

One thing is for certain about Ski Paradise guest coach Paul Chapin, the guy gets around! As a former flight captain for American Airlines, Paul had the great luxury of traveling the world for his job, and if there’s something he always took with him during his travels was his slalom ski! “It has offered me the opportunity to ski at locations as diverse as Ottawa, Canada, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Hawaii, Acapulco, and of course, the USA,” he says. Growing up in Minnesota, Paul learned to water ski and snow ski at a young age, and both sports continue to be lifelong passions with national titles won. As president of the USA Water Ski and Wake Sports Foundation, he takes pride in preserving the history of the sport and recognizing its heroes at the annual Hall of Fame ceremonies. Paul’s been coaching at Ski Paradise for quite few years now, and there’s a reason for that! His ability to pass knowledge and understand the skier’s goals allow him to get the best out of his students.

Paul Chapin
Semanas de coaching

Temporada 2021-2022 

March 1st - 8th

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