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Thomas Degasperi

There are only a few skiers on the planet that have the competitive moxie to perform their best when it matters. Thomas Degasperi is one of those skiers. Hailing from Trento, Italy, Thomas has won just about every major slalom title there is to win, but there’s more to him than just his skiing ability. Thomas has the unique ability to connect with anyone. Must be because he grew up at his parents' ski school, and was exposed to people from all over the world. Now based in Orlando Florida, where he runs his ski school, Thomas is passionate about sharing the sport with the next generation while he continues to be one of the world’s best shortline slalom skiers. We’ve been lucky to host Thomas at Ski Paradise as a guest coach for the last few years.

Thomas Degasperi
Semanas de coaching

Temporada 2021-2022 

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