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Wade Cox

Wade Cox is one of the most successful slalom skiers in the sport’s history. His legendary professional ski career spanned over 3 decades with Pro Titles coming in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. His 47 Pro Slalom Titles included 2 Pro Tour Season Championships, finishing the year ranked #1 in the world each year, 33 US Pro Tour Titles, 10 World Cup Slalom Titles, 6 US National Slalom Titles, and 2 US Masters Slalom Titles. Not to mention countless other international titles including the Austrian Masters, British Masters, Canadian Masters, Italian Masters, Jr. Moomba Masters, McCormick Cup, Mexican Masters, Oz Ski, and the Princes Pro-Am. Wade was also a former holder of the US National Slalom Record, US Pro Tour Slalom Record, the World Cup Slalom Record as well as many other Regional, State, and lake records. Coxy started as a young gun on the Pro Tour, but quickly shot to the top… and stayed there. Throughout the 1990’s he was on top as the HO Skis and Pro Tour poster boy, battling it out with Andy Mapple and pushing the boundaries of slalom skiing to places never seen before. Nowadays he continues to spread his waterski knowledge by way of his SkiWithWade Tour and being the Syndicate Team Coach providing key insight to the next generation of pro skiers.

Wade Cox
Semanas de coaching

Temporada 2021-2022 

February 8th - 15th

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